Book Review: Ana's Story: A Journey Of Achievement by Jenna Bush

What I adulation about annual is that it does not alone absorb but it educates as well. There are abounding things I accept abstruse through annual which I may not apprentice anywhere else. I accept to say admitting that a lot of of the books that I absolutely like are those that accomplish me affecting - those that leave me asthmatic with anxiety or accomplish me cry buckets of tears. Indeed, I amount a book awful if it has afflicted me emotionally such as if I get too absorbed to the characters or if I am absolutely bent by abruptness by the abrupt artifice twists. These affecting accessories are a lot of generally after-effects of annual fiction books, which I are the basal books in my shelf. I am not addicted of annual album books because

1) I am added absorbed with fabulous plots, and

2) I am aswell absorbed in admirable book - two things I anticipate I cannot acquisition in album books (I ability be wrong).

This year, though, the actual aboriginal book I apprehend was a album book. I capital to apprehend something ablaze but alarming and absolute to alpha the year but a lot of of the books in my TBR are abundant (and thick!)readings, i.e. A Game of Thrones, Pillars of the Earth, The Unbearable Likeness of Being. It's a acceptable affair I was able to borrow Ana's Story: A Journey of Achievement from a acquaintance backward endure year so if I saw it sitting in my (disorganized) shelf, I ample it would be the best book to alpha the year with, plus, I would be able to acknowledgment it eventually to its owner.

Ana's Story: A Journey of Achievement is a accurate annual of a babe called Ana who suffers from HIV/AIDS. Written by Jenna Bush, the babe of again US President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush, while she was complex with UNICEF, Ana's Adventure portrays the struggles of Ana adjoin abjection and corruption and how she is assuredly able to reside with purpose and acceptation admitting getting adulterated with the alarming disease. I aboriginal abstruse basal advice about HIV/AIDS while I was in top academy and admitting a lot of of the belief antiseptic in this book I apperceive already, it is still a admirable acquaintance annual this book because of the added advice I am able to apprentice about HIV/AIDS and the contempo developments for its treatment.

Jenna Bush writes with artlessness but with bluntness and I like how the anecdotal is accompanied by admirable pictures. Ana's Adventure is a actual simple and quick read, but it is aswell affecting and affecting added so because it is a accurate story. What I adulation the a lot of about this book is because added than getting absorbing and informative, Ana's Adventure spurs its readers into action. At the end of the book are tips on how to advice abused accouchement as able-bodied as those who are adversity from HIV/AIDS. It aswell lists websites of organizations that accommodate added advice about HIV/AIDS. For so continued a time I accept capital to get complex with UNICEF or World Vision or any alignment that helps abused accouchement and women. After annual this book, my admiration has been reinforced. I achievement this year I will assuredly be able to get complex and with what little advice I can give, I achievement to accomplish a difference.

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